Why we are different

CloudBrat.com is Internet 1.0 Old School

YOU retain ALL ownership of your content!

NOBODY is given your legal private information!

No Data Harvesting or Selling

CloudBrat.com does not "Harvest" your data for any reason or purpose.

No Tracking*

Once you are logged in, CloudBrat.com does not "Track" your browsing habits or "clicks". At this time we DO log a "Login" action and that's it. We also use the Google Adsense network to display ads (we have to make money somehow), that 3rd party network may track you with cookies (as do 99.9% of the sites anymore). We don't even use "Google Analytics" (the industry standard to "Track" people on websites) because we feel it is waaaaay to Big Brother. I mean... fine, if it would just "anonymously" track some info but... have you read up on this stuff lately? You should.

Sign Up with FaceBook Account, we added this for convenience but if you use this method to Sign Up with, NOTHING on this page applies to you. Once your logged in with FaceBook, everything you do, everywhere you go is tracked and stored by FaceBook (Yes, even if your not on the FaceBook sight and didn't log out).

YOU have a choice, Big Brother or ClouBrat.com!

More Ranting

Our team of developers have been around since day one of the internet. We LOVE the internet too! Or, rather... what the internet "used to be". Any more its filled with scammers trying to scam us, seemingly "legit" major sites harvesting ALL your private information and using it for who knows what, or major engines "suggesting" what we want to see! Like, I don't have a choice? Everytime you search for a product the serps list "Amazon, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook..." is this fair to the little guy making quality products? The internet used to be a fair playground... now it's big business shaking hands with big business all over. Is it ok for you that Big Business and an algorithm developed by a bunch of geeks is basically controlling what you see first? What ever happened to "randomness", "learning somthing totally un-expected" or getting a "different point of view"? Are you a robot to be lead around by Geek devised Big Brother algorithms?

Honestly... we blame you too. You have a responsibility to yourself! Seriously dudes... have you actually read some of the "Terms of Use" for those "other" sites you use? Are you cool with totally random person(s) / company (maybe themselves a scammer at one time) receiving FULL COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP to content you upload? Seriously!!

How about collecting private information about you without even asking you and giving harvested and self forfeited private information to... well, anybody they choose?

Why don't you just take a little time... before actually giving up everything that makes you, you...

Check out a these links... and follow some more... and think about it, make a decision.

What is happening! Seriously!

We step in...

On CloudBrat.com,

YOU retain ALL ownership of your content!

It's... insane! Some sites out there claim COMPLETE OWNERSHIP to YOUR CONTENT!! WTF! and... some of you give it to them?

NOBODY is given your legal private information!

It's... crazy! Some sites out there sell everything you give to them to... who knows! Your information could be sold to anybody on this planet.

It's... annoying! Some sites out there fill your page with all kinds of crap.


Yes, of course we use ads (and if something interests you, PLEASE visit a sponsor). Let us fill you in on something... the "cloud" is... really a human created piece of hardware somewhere sitting in a warehouse. Nothing "romantic" about it... just a silly word... "the cloud..." Somebody has to build it, somebody has to maintain it, somebody has to pay for its use, that's us! The only reason we can bring this great site to you is because of sponsor support... so, if you can support us once in a while, Everybody Wins!:)